Quarterly Medical Staff Highlights

Quarterly Medical Staff Meeting Highlights (9/8/2020)

Date: 09/08/2020
Location: BlueJeans
Time: 6:05pm

The Quarterly Medical Staff meeting was held on BlueJeans and Dr. Thomas Lake called the meeting to order at6:05pm. Last meeting minutes were reviewed and approved:

  • June 9, 2020

The following is a brief meeting summary that highlights the items discussed and agreed upon actions items (if any).


  • Safety and OMC Culture- Medical staff and team members need to get onboard with HRO training and follow protocols and looking to get CME credit for this training.
  • Clinical and documentation training- take the CDI seriously and answer the CDI questions- working on putting together videos to become available with CME credit.
  • Nominating Committee- committee will be getting set up at the MEC meeting on 9/9/2020- members at large additional seats.
  • 5 network goals for quality:
    • Sepsis is down to 1.06
    • Readmission rate at target and holding well
    • Infection rate at 61
    • C-section rate at max @ 18%
    • Arrival to depart for admitted patients out of goal range at 355 min and dropping our target is at 336 with a high of 475 min at the beginning of the year
  • Planning for potential phase 2 of COVID creating stockpile of PPE throughout HMH with about 6 months of supplies.
  • $700,000 capital spent on increased telemetry at OMC towards beds.
  • COVID placement- utilizing back of 5 South for ICU overflow- getting more telemetry for 3 South-West- 2 West ICU and telemetry.
  • Staffing and preparedness- proactively planning internally.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:43 pm by Thomas Lake, MD.