General Staff Meetings

JSUMC Medical & Dental Staff General Staff Meeting Summary: June 5, 2018

The following items were discussed. Further information is available from the Medical Staff Office, 732-776-3877.

  • The medical and dental staff now totals 1,506 members.
  • JSUMC hit record hospital census numbers during the flu season.
  • JSUMC received Leapfrog A status.
  • Doctors’ lounge has been renovated to include 17 new computer workstations, thanks to Administration.
  • HMH School of Medicine’s first class of students will begin July 1; 60 students were chosen from 2,000 applications. Many of our staff accepted faculty positions.
  • New HMH medical and dental staff bylaws were approved by all hospitals at a special general staff meeting on March 29. Rules and regulations are being reviewed to ensure compliance with the new bylaws.
  • The new HMH Medical Council is composed of medical staff presidents, administrators, and board members. The group reviews and approves actions of all MECs, including credentials reports and policies.
  • There are two new subcommittees of Medical Council. Medical Staff Governance will oversee physician credentialing and develop uniform policies across the network. Medical Staff Care Transformation will oversee policies and initiatives that impact physician practices and patient care, such as ERAS and lab formulary.
  • Research Day is June 12. Posters are on display in the Northwest corridor.
  • Medical and dental staff sports outing events will be held on June 13 and 14. Contact the medical staff office to register.
  • The first five floors of HOPE Tower are scheduled to open June 25; the rest at end of summer after roadwork is completed. The 10th floor conference center is made possible with the $1million donation from the medical and dental staff. Invitations were emailed to all physicians for a grand opening event on June 13.
  • Four new L&D rooms and a new waiting room are being added to Brennan 2. A rooftop garden will be built on NW 2. A second hybrid OR and EP lab will be completed in April 2019. Ackerman 1 elevator area is being redone to match décor of the children’s hospital.
  • Team member benefits will be harmonized throughout the system, effective January 1.
  • Searches are being conducted for chairs of pediatrics and obstetrics & gynecology.
  • The residency programs we have through Rutgers in psychiatry and surgery will be sunsetted, now that we have our own. We have new fellowships in cardiology, nephrology, and pulmonology.
  • JSUMC rollout for Epic has been delayed until June 2019.
  • Negotiations with nursing union begin next week. Current contract expires July 31. A contingency plan is in place if a strike occurs.
  • Dr. Paul Schwartzberg presented “Combatting Burnout," which can be viewed here.